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1979 photos

(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-8995(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-8999(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9007(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9031(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9035(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9041(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9042(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9043(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9050(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9052(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9053(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9062(C) ABSF - Lesa  LR-9073(c) ABSF- Bob Pearl HR-2-2(c) ABSF- Bob Pearl HR-2-3(c) ABSF- Bob Pearl HR-2-4(c) ABSF- Bob Pearl HR-2-5(c) ABSF- Bob Pearl HR-2-6(c) ABSF- Bob Pearl HR-2-7(c) ABSF- Bob Pearl HR-2-8

Guestbook for Birkebeiner 2018
Michael Walker(non-registered)
Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Are there any pictures from wave 7?
The guestbook is empty.